Connect with Your Kids on a Deeper Level

TalkMore cards are a great way for parents to connect with their kids one engaging question at a time. Animate your child by asking positively worded, confidence building questions. It’s a chance to help them learn empathy and social awareness while you listen to their thoughts and how they treat others.

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Put down the devices and use TalkMore Cards to inspire direct, real-time, in-person conversation.

Talk Daily

Build better connections by opening and embracing positive, deliberate discussions.

Understand Deeply

Really get to know your child by asking deep questions and listening to their answers.

Parents & Children, Interacting

Draw cards daily to continually grow your relationship with your child. There are no rules so it’s up to you to pick the best way to play.

Try after school in the car, at the dinner table, before gymnastics, after ballet, heading home from swim, during snack time, just before bed or as the day winds down. Seize the moment to engage with your child. TalkMore gives you the inspiration to make it happen!

Immersed in Conversation

About TalkMore Cards

Made in the USACreated by an adoring father, refined by a child psychologist, TalkMore Cards were developed by parents just like you to help engage kids through conversation. Our goal is simply to bring you and your kids closer, one question at a time.

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